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Palazzo Strozzi -

Location and History

Situated between Piazza Strozzi and via Tornabuoni in the heart of Florence, the Palazzo Strozzi is one of the finest examples of Renaissance domestic architecture. It was commissioned by the Florentine merchant Filippo Strozzi and the foundations were laid in 1489 according to a design by Benedetto da Maiano. A year later the project was given to Simone del Pollaiolo, known as Cronaca, who worked on it until 1504 but the Palazzo was only finally finished in 1538. The Palazzo remained the property of the Strozzi family until 1937, and since 1999 it has been managed City of Florence.


Since the Second World War the Palazzo has been Florence’s largest temporary exhibition space. Among the major exhibitions held at Palazzo Strozzi have been the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (1949), 17th century Florence (1986), Gustav Klimt (1992), La Natura Morta Italiana (2003), Botticelli and Filippo Lippi (Italy’s most visited exhibition in Italy in 2004) and Cézanne in Florence (Italy’s most visited exhibition in 2007).

Andrea Meldolla said Andrea Schiavone (Pittore) con il dipinto "Matrimonio di Cupido e Psiche" databile nel periodo 1520 - 1563.

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